In Estonia

Thu, 27 Jan 2011, Defense ties boosted…

Norway and Iceland remain outside the European Union, unlike Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Baltic trio. But Sweden and Finland are not in NATO, while the other six nations are. “We are linked to the Nordic states through culture and history, we understand each other well and share the same values,” Estonian chief of staff Lieutenant General Ants Laaneots told reporters.
“We are all interested in maintaining security in the …

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ESTONIA is a state in Northern Europe which has borders with Latvia and Russia. Across the Baltic Sea lies Finland in the north and Sweden in the west. Estonia covers around 45 thousands square kilometers. The Estonians are part of Finnic people. The only official language in Estonia is Estonian, which has too much in common with Finnish language. Estonia as a state is a parliamentary republic with internal division of 15 regions. The largest city and the capital as well is Tallinn. Estonia is one of the least-populous countries of the European Union - its population is less than 1.5 million. Various international ogranizations highly ranked Estonia regarding press, democracy and political freedom.